Performance Performance


    • MIVEC Clean Diesel 2.4 L 181PS

      MIVEC Clean Diesel 2.4 L 181PS

      Engine, Aluminum Alloy Block, 2.4 L Common Rail Direct Injection, 4-cylinder DOHC 16 v, Variable Turbo Charger, Intercooler, maximum output power of 181 PS at 3,500 rpm and maximum output torque of 430 N.m at 2,500 rpm. The world’s trusted innovation, light-weight, Tough, Durable, Excellent cooling system with 20% improvement in fuel economy.

    • VG Turbo

      VG Turbo

      Variable Geometry Turbo, Optimized compressed air intake to be related with engine speed operation, Variable turbo charger which control and generate compressed air intake and exhaust ratio effectively to continue high torque output for all speeds operation of engine (Both High speed and Low speed). With the intercooler system, we have achieved fasten heat reduction and faster temperature cool down to increase and boost air intake for high performance and better acceleration

    • Easy Select 4WD

      Easy Select 4WD

      4WD Power button switching from 2H to 4H makes it easy to drive on different road conditions. 2H to 4H switching can be done when the vehicle speed is not exceeding 100 km/hr.

    • Steel Chassis Frame

      Steel Chassis Frame

      The new Triton uses a chassis frame with superior durability and toughness. The new development for more effective reinforcement has increase to resist bending including larger body mounting between chassis and frame to provide all driving condition, pick up carry and freight.

    • Tough suspension

      Tough suspension

    Intelligent and Solid Safety

    • SRS Airbags

      SRS Airbags

      Double SRS airbags supplement the seatbelts with pretension and force limiter by providing driver and passenger protection from frontal impact.

    • Side Impact Bar

      Side Impact Bar

      Designed reinforced bars help reduce impact in passenger cabin when hit on the side

    • Anti-locking Brake System - ABS

      Anti-locking Brake System - ABS

      Anti-locking Brake System, 4 channels 4 sensors braking system response immediately to a sudden braking of braking on slippery surfaces giving you more vehicle control.

    • Electronic Brake Force Distribution - EBD

      Electronic Brake Force Distribution - EBD

      Works in conjunction with the ABS to appropriately distribute brake force to all the four wheels. It improves vehicle control and reduces braking distance.

      Available on SC 4WD

    • Breaking System

      Breaking System

      Front Disc Break - Ventilated Discs.
      Rear Drum Brake - Leading & Trailing Drums.

    • Brake Assist (BA)

      Brake Assist (BA)

      This system can help providing greater brake force by assisting brake pedal actuation during emergency braking.

    • Hill Start Assist - HSA

      Hill Start Assist - HSA

      Prevents the vehicle from moving backward if it senses a gradient when the car is about to move off, the system keeps brake force applied for two seconds after the driver moves their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal.



      Operates to stabilize vehicle behavior by regulating engine output and brake force when it senses instability in the vehicle's movement or that one or more wheels are starting to slip sideways on a slippery surface road or by sudden steering inputs.

    • Active Traction Control - ATC

      Active Traction Control - ATC

      Restricts any spin in the driving wheels to provide optimum drive force and traction.

    • Minimum Turning Radius

      Minimum Turning Radius

      Only 5.9 meters Turning Radius can easily control in limited area, smooth and comfortable


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