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    It’s the first time in pick up segment with innovation of MIVEC CLEAN DIESEL engine.
    The Aluminum Alloy Block with Intercooler System, Lightweight , Tough , and Durable makes better fuel efficient, 20% lower fuel consumption from the previous with the new 2.4L 181ps

    • MIVEC Clean Diesel 2.4 L 181PS

      MIVEC Clean Diesel 2.4 L 181PS

      Engine, Aluminum Alloy Block, 2.4 L Common Rail Direct Injection, 4-cylinder DOHC 16 v, Variable Turbo Charger, Intercooler, maximum output power of 181 PS at 3,500 rpm and maximum output torque of 430 N.m at 2,500 rpm. The world’s trusted innovation, light-weight, Tough, Durable, Excellent cooling system with 20% improvement in fuel economy.

    • VG Turbo

      VG Turbo

      Variable Geometry Turbo, Optimized compressed air intake to be related with engine speed operation, Variable turbo charger which control and generate compressed air intake and exhaust ratio effectively to continue high torque output for all speeds operation of engine (Both High speed and Low speed). With the intercooler system, we have achieved fasten heat reduction and faster temperature cool down to increase and boost air intake for high performance and better acceleration

    • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission with Sport Mode

      6 Speed Automatic Transmission with Sport Mode

      With optimized top gear ratios, fuel economy has been improved and engine quietness is outstanding even at high speed. And when you want total control, Sport Mode lets you shift up or down with a flick of the lever for sporty, manual-like driving pleasure.

    • Super Select 4WD-II Drivetrain

      Super Select 4WD-II Drivetrain

      Which employs an electric actuator to facilitate switching between different drive modes and a center differential with a default 40:60 front/rear torque split. This 4WD system provides optimum traction at each wheel for different surface conditions as well as delivering outstanding handling characteristics.
      Available for 4WD

    • Off - Road Mode

      Off - Road Mode

    • The electrically-controlled Rear Differential Lock

      The electrically-controlled Rear Differential Lock

      The electrically-controlled Rear Differential Lock has a button on the central console for you to activate it to send equal engine power to both rear wheels. It works with the Center Differential Lock so you can drive through rugged terrain with ease.

    • Tough suspension

      Tough suspension

      The rugged suspension features double wishbones with coil springs and a stabilizer bar in front, plus nononsense above-the-axle leaf springs in the rear for outstanding traction.
      The ride is stable and comfortable for all occupants.
      * Equipment may vary by model.

    Intelligent and Solid Safety

    Wherever you go, go equipped with a variety of safety features working together to keep you and your passengers safe. Sensors keep you informed of what’s happening around you, while active driving aids and passive safety features ensure that you can drive confidently, day or night.

    • Blind Spot Warning with Lane Change Assist - BSW with LCA

      Blind Spot Warning with Lane Change Assist - BSW with LCA

      For additional safety while changing lanes, the Blind Sport Warning will signal the driver via a warning light on the side view mirror of another vehicle in the driver’s blind spot that cannot be seen in the side view mirror. If the turning light is used, the system will sound an alarm and a blinking warning light on the side view mirror. The system is activated at a speed from 10 kilometers/hour

    • Forward Collision Mitigation System - FCM

      Forward Collision Mitigation System - FCM

      The Forward Collision Mitigation System issues a warning, slows down the vehicle, and increase the brake fluid pressure for better braking efficiency and to mitigate any possible collision when the radar determines the vehicle in front is too close

    • Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System - UMS

      Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System - UMS

      To help prevent collisions while parking, this system sounds a buzzer and displays a warning if front or rear sensors detect a nearby obstacle in your path. Engine output is also automatically controlled if you suddenly accelerate by accident.
      Engine output control activates:
      - When driving at very low speeds (not in N or P position)
      - When obstacle/vehicle is within a short distance
      - When accelerator pedal is pushed hard or abruptly
      - When driver is not turning to avoid obstacle/vehicle

    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert -RCTA

      Rear Cross Traffic Alert -RCTA

      An indicator appears in the combination meter display when RCTA is active. If radar sensors in the rear bumper detect an approaching vehicle nearby while reverse gear is engaged, a warning message appears in the multi-information display, a buzzer sounds and an indicator blinks in both door mirrors.

    • Multi Around Monitor

      Multi Around Monitor

      The views from cameras mounted on the front, rear and sides of the vehicle (including a bird’s-eye view) can be displayed in various combinations to reveal what is in blind spots and help you park more safely.

    • Automatic High-Beam - AHB

      Automatic High-Beam - AHB

      To increase safety, comfort and driving ease at night, the high beams automatically switch to low beams when vehicles are detected ahead and automatically switch back to high beams so you don't have to remove your hand from the steering wheel to switch the beams manually.

    • Auto Lighting ON - OFF

      Auto Lighting ON - OFF

    • SRS Side Airbags and Pretensioner Front Seat Belts

      SRS Side Airbags and Pretensioner Front Seat Belts

      In the event of a collision, seven SRS airbags help protect you and your passengers by absorbing the force of impact. The system includes front airbags, front side airbags, curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag 

    • 2 - Way Pretensioner with force Limiter Front Seat Belts (Driver Side)

      2 - Way Pretensioner with force Limiter Front Seat Belts (Driver Side)

      Pretensioners on the front seatbelts automatically tighten the belts in the event of a frontal collision to help restrain the driver and front passenger and reduce the force of impact when the front airbags are deployed.

    • Anti-Lock Braking System– ABS

      Anti-Lock Braking System– ABS

      Anti-locking Brake System, 4 channels 4 sensors braking system response immediately to a sudden braking of braking on slippery surfaces giving you more vehicle control.

    • Electronic Brake Force Distribution - EBD

      Electronic Brake Force Distribution - EBD

      Electronic Brake-force Distribution works in conjunction with the ABS to appropriately distribute brake force to all the four wheels. It improves vehicle control and reduces braking distance.

    • Brake Assist (BA)

      Brake Assist (BA)

      This system can help providing greater brake force by assisting brake pedal actuation during emergency braking.

    • Hill Start Assist System (HSA)

      Hill Start Assist System (HSA)

      Prevents the vehicle from moving backward if it senses a gradient when the car is about to move off, the system keeps brake force applied for two seconds after the driver moves their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal.

    • Hill Descent Control - HDC

      Hill Descent Control - HDC

      The Hill Descent Control makes sure your journey is a lot safer.

    • Active Stability Control – ASC

      Active Stability Control – ASC

      Operates to stabilize vehicle behavior by regulating engine output and brake force when it senses instability in the vehicle's movement or that one or more wheels are starting to slip sideways on a slippery surface road or by sudden steering inputs.

    • Active Traction Control - TCL

      Active Traction Control - TCL

      The system had a preventive (active) safety with wheel slip control function enables better traction on slippery surfaces, rough road or during cornering.

    • RISE body

      RISE body

      Collision safety performance is significantly enhanced by Mitsubishi Motors’ RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body, which
      efficiently absorbs energy and maintains high cabin integrity in the event of a collision.

    • Side Door Impact Bar

      Side Door Impact Bar

      Designed reinforced bars help reduce impact in passenger cabin when hit on the side

    • Braking System

      Braking System

      Front Disc Break - Ventilated Discs.
      Rear Drum Brake - Leading & Trailing Drums.

    • Minimum Turning Radius

      Minimum Turning Radius

      Only 5.9 meters Turning Radius can easily control in limited area, smooth and comfortable


    • Multi - Function Steering Wheel

      Multi - Function Steering Wheel

      Your hands will never have to leave the wheel and your eyes will always be on the road ahead.

      Cruise Control helps reduce tiredness on a long drive.


    • Automatic Dual Zone Air

      Automatic Dual Zone Air

      Air Conditioning With Rear Air Circulator

    • Air Conditioning With Rear Air Circulator

      Air Conditioning With Rear Air Circulator

    • 12-Volts Accessory Power Socket

      12-Volts Accessory Power Socket

      12-Volts Accessory Power Socket

    • USB Port

      USB Port

      Smartphone tray and USB charging
      sockets in center console





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