Top performance, Excellent value for money for every job function

Top performance, Excellent value for money for every job function

  The “Eco Car” is a priority project which the Royal Thai government has aggressively promoted to stimulate the automobile industry.

  Moreover, the “Eco Car” project has given the opportunity and accessibility to the general public to own a car; government subsidies such as special excise tax rebates are offered to the public who choose to purchase the Eco Car as well.

  Many automakers see the merits in this product and have invested in this project.

  Mitsubishi is one automaker that understands the importance of the Eco Car which enable the consumer to own a quality product at an affordable price; hence Mitsubishi became one of the first automakers to join this project by introducing the “Mitsubishi Mirage” as its first model, which was followed by the “Mitsubishi Attrage” as an alternative.

  To date, both the Mirage and Attrage has enjoyed wide spread customer reception and overwhelming popularity in the market.

  Mitsubishi did not rest on its laurels as it has implemented several improvements and changes so the customer can enjoy the full benefits of the best Eco Car in the market.

  The best example is the “Ralliart Limited Edition” which was launched at the recent Big Motor Sales event. Priced at 495,000 THB for the Mirage and 575,000 THB for the Attrage model.

Sporty and Luxury combined 

  As for both the Mirage and Attrage variants currently sold in the domestic market – are Mitsubishi products which stand out above its competition due to its unique qualities, sporty feel, compact size and agility.

  The exterior design features distinct lines that flow on the vehicle’s sides and front bonnet which exudes a sense of motion even when parked at idle; every other component was designed to complement and match each other.

  The Bi-XENON HID headlights in the GLS-LTD and GLS models exude a sense of luxury and enhanced safety for driving at night. Also featured are the Spectrum LED dim lights in the  GLS-LTD and GLS models.

  The front grille has a brand new pentagon-shaped design in chrome with logo that commands attention in the center of the grille.

  Front bumpers has a drilled vent design with chrome trims which visually reduces its dimensions and increases sporty sensation in the GLS-LTD and GLS models as well.

  Fog lights are integrated into the bumper while the LED Taillights and reflector plate at the rear bumper is absolutely stylish, enhances safety while driving for other motorists in the rear to see at long distances in the GLS-LTD and GLS models. Also featured are rear spoilers, an LED 3rd brake light which is aesthetically appealing, sporty, and enhances safety.

  Mitsubishi has also given special attention to its wheels with 2-tone 15-inch rims for both the GLS-LTD and GLS models.

  Visual appearance isn’t the only highlight but the design of the Mirage also features optimal aerodynamics with a drag coefficient or Cd of 0.29 – which allows the vehicle to have agility, superb vehicle balance and top fuel efficiency.

  The interior design has a PIANO BLACK color tone, black cloth seats which are a new design, comfortable and form-fitting which helps the driver to achieve improved vehicle control while driving.

  Three-spoke steering wheel wrapped in leather for firm control in PIANO BLACK & CHROME color tone for the GLS-LTD, GLS models. Instrument cluster sports SEMI-High Contrast (except for the GL) technology which gives a clearer visible display during broad day light. And in the GLS-LTD model, an automatic air conditioning system is incorporated for the most pleasurable and comfortable journey.

Additional accessories for a New Persona

  Catering to enthusiasts who seek to create a new identity unique to themselves…the New Mitsubishi offers yet another alternative with the exclusive Ralliart Kit accessory which is an authentic licensing right owned by Mitsubishi; and for both the exterior and interior as well, there is a frame for the front bumper which comes with Daylight beams, a rear frame for the rear bumper, liners for side mud guards, rear spoilers available in black, blue, grey, orange, Red Wine and White Pearl for the GLX and GL models.

  And there are chromium liners on the edges of the rear bonnet, front and rear black mudguards, and chromium exhaust tips.

  For interior accessories, the list starts with arm rests, stainless steel stair covers with engraved Ralliart logo, storage net in the rear, rear tray with Mitsubishi logo, and more importantly customers can check price, tax rates and various service charges at our nationwide Mitsubishi dealer network.

Technology above and beyond any Eco car

  Apart from cutting edge design, luxury, and great comfort amenities, the highlight factor of the Mitsubishi Eco car is the presence of state-of-the-art technology which enhances convenience, efficiency, and safety while driving.

Many systems are unprecedented and regarded as a world first for the Eco Car segment – Active Safety and Passive Safety systems such as the FCM-LS (FORWARD COLLISION MITIGATION SYSTEM-LOW SPEED RANGE) system which warns the driver of potential frontal collisions, and a speed reduction system at low speed driving; for example, city driving usually involves many accidents such as minor fender-benders which are not serious but involves loss of precious time for you and the third party.

  The FCM-LS system calculates the distance between the vehicle in front of your car, and if the systems detects any potential risk, immediately sends out a warning to the driver, and reduces vehicle speed. The FCM-LS system is available in the GLS-LTD and GLS models.

​  The RMS-FORWARD (RADAR SENSING MISACCELERATION MITIGATION SYSTEM-FORWARD) system is able cut engine power temporarily if and when the driver suddenly or accidentally accelerates aggressively – while an object is in front of the vehicle – a warning signal is also sent in order to reduce risk and potential damage caused by collision. This unique system is available in the GLS-LTD, GLS models.

  The Mirage is fitted with dual front airbags, safety seat belts of which the driver’s side features a retractable Automatic Pre-tension dual direction type in the GLS-LTD, GLS models.

​  In addition, there is a complete list of standard equipment offered such as ABS and EBD which delivers barking power to each wheel as required, pending on the vehicle’s road gripping ability, thus enabling for a safe predictable and shorter braking distance.

  Also featured is the Brake Assist or  (BA) system which works by increasing brake oil pressure when the driver brakes suddenly.

  Apart from the above, the customer can enjoy total confidence while driving with the Active Stability Control (ASC) system which controls vehicle stability or balance during situations when the vehicle is about to loose its stability – such as the vehicle sliding away from its intended path while negotiating narrow corners at high speeds, wet slippery roads, or sudden swerving maneuvers to name a few.

​  Drivers who find steep inclines challenging need not worry again as Mitsubishi has installed technology such as it the Hill Start Assist (HSA) system to assist in forward motion of the vehicle via a system that operates the brakes for an extra time period after the driver lifts his or her foot from the brake pedal.

​  Safety technology is the highest priority in the Mirage as seen in its  RISE BODY (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) technology, a vehicle body frame made from reinforced steel to reduce the collapsing of the interior cabin area resulting from impact collisions.

  Also included in an automatic hazard light system which works once sudden braking is detected. This system serves as a warning to other Motorists. A sound alarm is activated if the vehicle doors aren't closed properly; and the automatic rear door lock system is activated after pressing the button to unlock the doors but all doors will open only after 30 seconds.

Outstanding and Powerful performance

  The Mirage stand out above the rest of the competition in fuel efficiency which exceeds the government-issued criteria for Eco Cars.

  The Mirage has an optimal fuel consumption rate of 23.8 kpl thanks to the DOHC MIVEC 1.2 liter petrol head which is capable of maximum power of 78 hp at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 100 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

  ​This class-leading fuel efficiency rating is possible due to the state-of-the-art technology such as the DOHC MIVEC system which not only enables for maximum fuel efficiency but also delivers enhanced driving performance as well. The engine performs exceptionally well with high acceleration or torque rates at low speeds, allowing it to achieve better agility, and safety when the driver wants extra power for overtaking.

  The efficient of the engine performance, fuel efficiency, and environment-friendly factors are a few highlights apart from its carbon dioxide emissions rated at only 98 grams/km.

  For optimal results there must be an exceptionally good power train to complement each other; the Mirage features an automatic electronic CVT transmission which increases accuracy for smooth continuous gear changes – working in tandem with the INC system which helps controls and cuts off the power delivery system to the automatic drive shafts when the car is stationary and while the driver’s foot is still on the brake pedal with the gear at “D” mode.

  Engine operation is reduced to result in enhanced fuel efficiency and reduction of transmission system wear and tear; also featured is the G-SENSOR system which assists in controlling precise gear position on steep inclinations which requires extra engine power.

  Another highlight of the transmission system is the INVECS-III (INTELLIGENT AND INNOVATIVE VEHICLE ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM III) system which memorizes driving habits or patterns before calculating the optimal gear change to match different driving habits.

  ​Engine performance must complement the lower suspension system which reacts and responds accordingly to vehicle control and road gripping qualities. The Mirage has a front suspension consisting of independent MacPherson struts, coil springs and stabilizer bar in the anti-roll  GLS-LTD , GLS models.

  Rear suspension features a torsion beam engineered for strength,durability and easy maintenance to save costs.

​  Another highlight related to the drivability of the Mirage is its short turning radius of only 4.4 meters in the GLX,GL models; and 4.6 meters in the GLS-LTD,GLS models for extra mobility and function in crowded areas.

Options galore for even more comfort and convenience.

   The Mirage also features standard equipment and accessories for a most pleasant journey such as the 2DIN head unit, 6.5-inch touch-screen monitor, radio, DVD, MP3, Bluetooth and navigation system in the  GLS-LTD model.

  A multi-function steering wheel with audio control and telephone answering operation without having to divert attention or eyesight from the road in front of you. Available only in the GLS, GLX models.

​  Apart from the above, the GLS-LTD model also has a USB port located in the compartment space of the console.

​  Added convenience and functionality is realised with the intelligent key system which opens and closes the doors, or starts or shuts engine ignition with a simple button without having to use the car key. The intelligent key system can be kept on your person at all times without having make life difficult if you are carrying other items. No need to search for your car keys with this unique intelligent key system in the GLS-LTD, GLS models.

  ​The interior cabin of the Mirage has enhanced ambiance, space and convenience thanks to rear seats capable of folding into a 60:40 configuration (except for the GL) for extra storage space.

  Also featured is a rear compartment box with cover lid in the rear seats for personal items of the front passengers and compartment space. Bright Cabin lights and compartment slots in the back of the front passenger seats ( except GL), a hook to hang items at the front seat area ( except GL) , extra compartment space located in the front console area, compartment space under the steering wheel column area, 3 cup holders In the middle console area, compartment space slots at the front door sides and space to store water bottles.

  Wiper blades which adjust speed automatically increased convenience for the driver, signal lights are activated for lane changing at the mere touch of your fingertips, signal lights false 3 times, a delay system while the electric window operation; even after engine ignition is closed, the driver will still be able to be operated within 30 seconds before closing the vehicle door – this means you don't have to turn in the ignition key again in case the drive forgot to close the windows properly.

  Even if the driver forgets to shut the headlights and the engine ignition is turned off, pull the signal light stick towards yourself within 60 seconds and the position of the headlights will be in dim and continue to operate for another 30 seconds – sufficient time for the driver to walk to their destination or home in a safe and convenient manner.

​  Meanwhile if you press the lock button from the remote, the low beam or dim lights and Taillights will be activated for 30 seconds and provide extra safety especially in dark areas of low visibility.

  The Mirage Eco Car is a compact sized vehicle filled with an abundance of technology and options which will not be found in other cars in the same class.

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