It’s Always Quality Time with Your Mitsubishi Mirage That You’ll Never Want to Leave

It’s Always Quality Time with Your Mitsubishi Mirage That You’ll Never Want to Leave

Do you feel that time always flies when you’re having fun? You won’t feel that way on this trip though because our destination will leave you pondering about the past as well as inspire new thoughts that might have never been possible before. Let’s see it for yourself.

Get to Know Your Destination

'Sri Chiang Khan Road’ or the ‘Chiang Khan Walking Street’ is accessible via your Mitsubishi Mirage during the day but is closed off to all traffic on Friday and Saturdays nights. The street will be transformed into a walking street from the front of Ta Krok Temple all the way to Sri Muang Temple for a length of 1.2 kilometers. Apart from the goodies on offer at the various stalls, you’ll get treated to a front-row view of centuries-old wooden houses on both sides of the street.

Let the Mitsubishi Mirage bring you to our next destination – the Phi Ta Khon Museum at Phon Chai Temple in Dan Sai District. The museum was established as early as Loei Province existed. It is the best place to learn about the Phi Ta Khon Festival, also known as the Ghost Festival which resembles the west’s Halloween. The festival is held annually from generation to generation in Dan Sai District of Loei Province over a period of three days, starting with a procession of people wearing masks made of rice husks or coconut leaves, hats made of rice steamers, and patchwork clothing. The event is part of the Bun Luang or the Buddhist merit-making holiday.

'Loei’s stunning attraction is not limited to Chiang Khan but also includes Kaeng Kood Koo, a huge stone islet in the middle of the Mekhong River. The rapids which flow by the stone islet make for a stunning scenery. You’ll also be amazed by the presence of beaches right in the middle of the river, something which is distinctive to Kaeng Kood Koo.

If you wish to follow in the footsteps of the Mitsubishi Mirage’s trip, check the route and travel information below.

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Fun in the Sun

  • Taste the local delicacies and shop for handmade products along the walking street of Chiang Khan that is on every Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Kayak your way around Kaeng Kood Koo. The rainy season is not the best time to visit as the stone islet will be covered by water. The best time to go there is after the rainy season during May to December.
  • Experience the Mekhong River and the scenery on both sides of its banks via a boat trip which should take about an hour.
  • Take in the lifestyle of those living on the banks of the Mekhong River. You’ll be able to see local fishermen at work as well as people panning for gold.
  • Don’t forget to buy the local snack called ‘maprao kaew’ which is made from chewy coconut meat or try the ‘maprao namhom’ which is coconut meat coated with sugar syrup that uses a recipe unique to the area.

Safe Driving with Mitsubishi Mirage

Emergency stop signal system (ESS): Causes the hazard lights to flash at high speed if the driver suddenly brakes when traveling at high speed
Keyless Operation System: Lets you, when standing within a 70-cm radius, get in an out without having to remove the key from your pocket or purse. (GLS-LTD and GLS models only)
Watch every pair of eyes on the road trained to you and your Mitsubishi Mirage with the newly-designed two-tone alloy wheels 15-inch which gives a sportier feel at every angle (only for the GLS-LTD and GLS).
FUEL SAVING : New MIRAGE (GLX CVT model) delivers impressive 23.8 km./liter fuel efficiency in a 'Combine Mode' driving test under the technical specifications of UNECE Reg.101 Rev.2 standard.
Minimum Turning Radius : 4.4 m. in GLX and GL, as well as 4.6 m. in GLS-LTD and GLS models, makes u-turning in limited spaces an easy task

Start Your Journey with Mitsubishi Mirage

Chiang Khan, Loei Province

Get your directions here

Cafe De Meena, Loei Province

Get your directions here

Cup Mellow, Petchaboon Province

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Phi Ta Khon, Phon Chai Temple, Loei Province

Get your directions here

Kaeng Kood Koo, Loei Province

Get your directions here

For more information, contact:

Loei Tourism Authority of Thailand Office
Areas of Jurisdiction: Loei, Nong Bua Lamphu
Muang Loei District Office (Old Building) Charoenrat Road, Tambon Kudpong, Muang District, Loei Province 42000
Tel: 0 4281 2812, 0 4281 1405
Fax: 0 4281 1480

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