Car Care Advice

Car Care Advice



1. Drive belts

Drive belts transfer the engine power to a variety of vehicle components: A/C; power steering, air conditioning and cooling fans, for instance. The loss of a drive belt can result in the loss of essential vehicle functions. A broken drive belt could result in a non-functioning air conditioner or an overheated engine. Safety is also a concern when it comes to drive belt maintenance. Having your vehicle maintained at an authorizer Mitsubishi dealer, the belts are inspected to ensure that are not cracked and the tension is right.

Belt tension has to be right to avoid belt slippage on the pulleys and any screeching noise. When the belt is loose or damaged, it is important to get this checked and replaced immediately.

2. Timing belt

The timing belt transfer power from the crankshaft to the camshaft. Failing to replace the timing belt at the recommended mileage may cause the belt material to harden, cracks easily and eventually snap, leading to damage in valves and cylinders.

Replace damage timing belts with genuine Mitsubishi parts ensures their longer lifespan. It is also recommended to replace the water pump and the timing belt simultaneously to ensure proper engine performance. Leakage within the water pump may cause engine overheat and swelling cylinder head

3. Recommended maintenance products

3.1 Fuel Injector Cleaner

Helps protect the electronic fuel injection system against carbon build-up and engine knock, decrease exhaust emission, boost engine performance and acceleration, and this improve fuel efficiency.

3.2 Engine Performance Booster with molybdenum dialkyldithiocarbamate (MoDTC)

Additives helps improve engine acceleration and speed, enhance fuel efficiency and minimize engine noise, while protecting the engine against daily wear and tear and improving the quality of exhaust emissions.

3.3 Engine Cleaner 

Enables easy ignition and smooth ride as well as engine noise reduction and perfect acceleration. It also encourages torque at high rpm.

3.4 Water Tank Cleaner

Improves the cooling performance and protects the engine against over-heat and rust within the cooling system, as well as prevents rubber components and gaskets from the daily wear and tear.

4. Spark plugs

Spark plugs are constantly subjected to extensive operation and exposed to very high temperatures. As such, their efficiency and spark intensity gradually weaken or crack. By replacing the spark plug at the recommended mileage, the spark plug’s efficiency is sustained and this provides good fuel economy. Faulty spark plugs may result in engine misfiring and jerky drive feel.

5. Air Filter

5.1 Air Filters

Remove the dirt, dust, and other impurities that might destroy and engine from the inside out and provide it with clean fresh air. A clogged filter makes the engine work harder to pull in fresh air, the harder the engine has to work, the more fuel it uses and the less power that is available to propel the car, that’s why regular inspection of the air filter is important.

5.2 The results of using poor-quality filter

Can vary from reduced performance, a decrease in fuel economy and engine power, as well as premature cylinder and piston wear, quicker deterioration of the engine oil and potentially reduced engine life. Genuine Mitsubishi air filters have a large filtering surface area that provides a long service life and highly efficient filtering under all conditions.

6. Brake system

Most modern cars are equipped with ABS (Anti Locked Brake System) that maximizes safety especially when it comes to immediate stop. When the warning light turns on, it might be some problems with the system: for example, extremely low level of breaking oil or damages in the ABS. If you cannot solve these problems yourselves, consult your Mitsubishi dealer and get it inspected by professionals as soon as possible.

High-performance Mitsubishi Brake Fluid is recommended. It can help transfer hydraulic force to disc break or dump break effectively; resulting in increased boiling point and least moisture content in the break system, plus giving long service lie of brake components.

7. Air Conditioning

7.1 The air conditioning system, especially one that has been used for more than one year, moisture and dust can star to build up in the pipes and vents which breed fungus, bacteria and mound. Using an air conditioning cleaner can help restore its air-conditioning performance and allow for cold fresh air. Other maintenance will need to be done by a professional, for instance, changing the air filters which get blocked with dust and pollen.

8. Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers, if in perfect condition, Helps improve visibility while driving. On the other hand, worn or aging wiper blades (mostly weakened by sunlight and dirt) are dangerous because their poor functionally can obstruct view of the road while driving in the rain and probably make some scratched on the windshield.

Getting the windshield wiper blades replaced with genuine Mitsubishi components, and use of Mitsubishi Windshield Washer, when needed can provide good visibility and service lice of the entire wiping system.